after 5 weeks disconnected from IT world..
yehaa..I've bought my own broadband (read: berok ben)..
mau update blog..wahaha

Fiuuuhh~ 27 weeks to go...
It has been 5 weeks since I've got here as a trainee of Jurutera Perunding Zaaba Sdn. Bhd.
I'm in the traffic planning unit of road and highway department..
it is tiring..but not on the working part..

it's the WALKING!! (hahaha)
i have to walk everyday from LRT Kg Baru to my took me 15 minutes everyday but the
best part is I have to walk in the morning (hwaarghh~ sleepy :P)

thinking it should be good for my least I could bring my sweat (read:fat) out from my body..
yeah..maybe it is true.. ^_^ think positive man~!!

being put under two supervisors is one of a good way to keep me awake for the job (except one of my officemate..wakaka :P) thanx JPZ for being soo concerned about me..sob sob~

all right..

first week .... got to know all about JPZ ... means OK!
second week ... got to read all the previous reports and proposal.. OK then!
third week ... got assignmet on AaSIDRA software (transport engineering thing).. one more OK!
forth week .. read on transport policy and route location.. wahh.. getting serious in engineering lorh~! yeahh..

fifth week..err..DESIGN LOGO, DESIGN SHIRT and MAKE TSHIRT ORDER for my department...?? haha..

some people say i just couldnt be apart from my "MEDTECH inside" ... haiyoo.. I enjoyed more doing work on the fifth week than the previous four weeks.. ~_~
I was very pleased in showing my contribution to my department..both of my supervisors likes it.. keh keh~ EXTRA POINT here.. :P

telling u the truth.. JURUTERA PERUNDING ZAABA aka JPZ is different from other company..besides the valuable experiences that I have collected here..

the way they prioritize prayer (solat) than work...
the way they relate all the works with the almighty Allah and Islam..
the way they communicate in proper islamic way..practice of giving "salam" and no cencored words..
the way they dressed..covering aurah and they allow me to wear kopiah..
the way they ... bla3~~~~

I JUST LOVE IT.. full stop...

Taken from NumanPhotography

Seems like we are now entering Rejab month, i would like to share one file about the practices (Read: amalan) in this month..Ila Maradhatillah..InsyaAllah~